November/December, 2000

Principal Circle

 Dear Families:

Our countdown begins for the Waikele Extravaganza on Friday, November 17th. . .we thank all of you who are donating items to our White Elephant Sale (and pricing the articles), contributing to the Silent Auction (in partnership with the Waikele Premium Outlets), making a commitment to our fundraiser with Coca Cola which culminates in pick-ups on our Waikele Extravaganza day, aiding your children with their grade level booths, and even helping out with the entertainment. The Waikele Extravaganza tradition was started during our first year as a grade K-2 school. How we have grown in a short three years! As our Parent Community Network Co-ordinator (PCNC), Mrs. Janice Takano succinctly put it: "I'm dumbfounded!" Mrs. Takano is spearheading a truly memorable event.

See you at the Extravaganza!

Sincerely yours,


Diane Matsuoka, Ed.D



Dale Castro

Vice Principal

Calendar: November/December 2000


Mon, Nov 6 - Last day to turn in pre-sale soda tickets

Tues, Nov 7 - Election Day &endash; NO SCHOOL

Thurs, Nov 9 - Last day for White Elephant donation collection - White Elephant Work night, 6 p.m. in Hale Hanai

Fri,Nov 10 - Veteran's Day &endash; NO SCHOOL

Mon to Thur - Scrip presale in the classrooms

Nov 13 &endash; 16

Tues, Nov 14 - Fall Picture Taking Makeups

Thur, Nov 16 - White Elephant Work night, 6 p.m. in Hale Hanai


3 &endash; 9 p.m.- Soda fundraiser pick up &endash; Waikele

Premium Outlets &endash; 4 &endash; 8:30 p.m.

Thur, Nov 23 - and Fri, Nov 24 Thanksgiving holiday &endash; NO SCHOOL

Thur, Nov 30 - LET Gr. 2 &endash; Ala Moana Liberty House Breakfast with Santa

- PTA General Meeting/ SCBM Election meeting &endash; 6:30 p.m. Hale Hanai

Tues, Dec 5 - LET Gr. 3 & 4 &endash; HTY "Christmas Talk Story"

Thur, Dec 7 - "The Christmas Santa Almost Missed"

Fri, Dec 8 - Gr 5 & 6 &endash; Kapiolani Medical Center Teen Intervention Program puppet show

Mon, Dec 18 - to Fri, Jan 5 Winter intersession &endash; SCHOOL BREAK



The English for Second Language Learners (ESLL) program occasionally needs people who are able to translate foreign languages at meetings, for testing students, and communicating with parents, students or guardians who are unable to speak English. If you are able to speak a foreign language and translate, please call Joanne Kajihiro, the ESLL teacher, at extension 243. We especially need people who can speak Marshallese, Japanese, Samoan, Tongan, Cantonese, and Korean.


SAVE-ing Our Kids

Waikele Elementary held it's third classroom volunteer training sessions on October 25 and 26. The training sessions are sponsored by SAVE (Seniors Actively Volunteering in Education) Alliance, a project of Helping Hands Hawaii, an Aloha United Way Agency in partnership with Hawaii Literacy, Inc. We were fortunate again to have Meriel Collins conduct the volunteer training. Thank you to the following parents who completed in the Parent Volunteer workshops:

Dawn Behrens

Roxanne Bulac

Melony Cadiente

Salani Jennings

Kiana Moore

Kathy Winkle

Mary Fernandez

Our teachers and students greatly appreciate the volunteer's time and involvement with learning. We look forward to a long partnership with parents, community members and Meriel Collins of SAVE Alliance. This partnership demonstrates one of many ways we as a learning community are taking care of others. Volunteer and make a difference.



Parents and Guardians:

We passed the by-laws for the Waikele Elementary School School-Community Based Management &endash; Parent Segment (WES SCBM &endash; PS). Hurray! We have opened the nominations for the representatives of the Parent Segment. Please consider being active in the SCBM…this is where school-wide policies will be developed.

We really need you! Please turn in nomination forms by November 13th. A flyer with all nominations should come out at least one week prior to the Election meeting. The Election meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 30th in Hale Hanai. The PTA has graciously allowed us to meet in conjunction with them.

Take care of the children.



Dear Faculty, Staff, and Parents,

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires our school to make notification of the presence and status of asbestos containing materials in our school buildings. The law further requires a management plan to be maintained at the school based upon the findings of an initial inspection.

Waikele Elementary School was constructed in 1997 and built with no Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) present. Building specifications mandate that any construction after 1988 contain no ACBM.

Please contact Mr. Randall Higa at 586-3457 for additional information.


Waikele Enrichment Program

Waikele Elementary in accordance with the Hawaii State Department of Education, Chapter 51 "Provision of Appropriate Educational Programs and Opportunities for Exceptional Children Who are Gifted and Talented" developed its identification procedures and criteria selection during the 1999-2000 school year. Our Enrichment program goals are:

to set challenging curriculum appropriate to the intellectual and social development of the bright and highly capable student

to enable them to realize their contributions to self and community.

Student nominations were accepted beginning Spring, 2000. The nomination period was extended through October 2000 to include our new classroom teachers and students joining our community. The selected students will participate in multi-age enrichment classes beginning January 2001. These classes will be conducted by Dr. Diane Matsuoka, Mr. Gordon Wong, Mr. Ben Meyer and Mrs. Linda Andersen. Nominations for the Enrichment program are welcomed again in Spring, 2001. For further information, please contact Linda Andersen 677-6100 ext. 229


Attention parents, students and teachers &endash; we are now officially enrolled in the General Mills Box Tops for Education program. So let's start gathering those box tops and get ready to bring them to school! Waikele Elementary can earn up to $10,000 cash just by everyone clipping the box top logos from General Mills products (such as cereal, yogurt, fruit roll-ups, etc.) More information will be sent to you soon regarding collection details.



Waikele Extravaganza

Friday, November 17, 2000

A benefit for the Waikele Elementary School Playground Equipment Fund and to support school-wide activities.

This is the third anniversary of the Waikele Extravaganza and it's bigger than ever with the help of Waikele Premium Outlets, Coca-Cola, and other corporate partners. This year we have moved the Silent Auction to the Waikele Premium Outlets and are expanding it so that YOU can get a great deal on things such as an overnight stay at DoubleTree Alana Waikiki Hotel, a Nintendo 64 Donkey Kong Game Pack from CompUSA, and more.

Then catch the trolley to Waikele Elementary School and enjoy the White Elephant Sale where we have collected wonderful items. We'll have games for the keikis. Or eat, eat, eat! We will have Hawaiian plates, teri-beef sticks, saimin, popcorn, shave ice, cotton candy, cookies from DoubleTree Alana Waikiki Hotel, and more.

Come and have a terrific time at the Waikele Extravaganza AND support your school…Waikele Elementary!

We look forward to seeing you there!


The exciting schedule for Friday, November 17, 2000


Times Location Activity

3&endash;5:30 p.m. Waikele Premium Outlet Silent Auction

4&endash;8:30 p.m. Waikele Premium Outlets Pre-sold Soda pickup

3&endash;8:30 p.m Waikele Premium Outlets/Waikele Elementary Shuttle service with Enoa Tours Trolley

6&endash;9 p.m. Waikele Elementary White Elephant Sale/ Food & game booths/Entertainment


Waikele Extravaganza Scrip Sale

This year, we will be selling scrip during the week prior to the Extravaganza. Scrips will sell for 20 cents each and can be purchased in one dollar increments. Scrip can be used at the food and game booths, and the White Elephant Sale. More information will be issued in the second week of November.



Thank you for all the donations for the White Elephant Sale. We will continue to collect items until Thursday, November 9th. Please help us out by making sure the items are clean, and in good condition.

We have been cleaning and sorting the items on Tuesdays starting at 9 am in the PCNC room. If you can make the time, please drop in and help us out.

In addition, we have two work nights scheduled in Hale Hanai:

Thursday, November 9th at 6pm

Thursday, November 16th at 6pm

We will be cleaning, sorting, and pricing items on these nights. Not only will this help the school, it should be great fun! It will be a great opportunity to meet some of the parents and teachers in an informal gathering.

Please plan on coming on the work nights!



Please turn in your money, remaining tickets, and form to your child's teacher by Monday, November 6th. Thank you for your help in this fundraiser!


Parent to Parent Workshop

On October 26th, the PCNC sponsored a Parent to Parent workshop. The speaker was Margaret Cadiz from Kapiolani's Teen Intervention Program.


Did you know…

kids are reaching adolescence at an earlier age than we did?

kids/teens that get pregnant now are much younger than those twenty years ago (13 years old vs. 16 years old)?

kids frequently are faced with sexual messages through commercials, tv shows, magazines, movies, and video games?

there are adults, teens, and even other children who will look for children to use?


What can we do to help our children? Here are some of the suggestions from the workshop:

Communicate in all areas. Spend time focused on your family. Discuss your values.

Show your children you love them. This helps self-esteem and reduces the need for the child to look elsewhere for love and acknowledgment.

When children ask you a question, ask them the question back so you can see where they are coming from before you answer. For example: Child asks,"Where do I come from?" Parent response, "Where do you think you come from?" The child may want a very simple answer. And it's okay to ask the child if you can talk about it later.

An age appropriate book can help in explaining about sex and reduce some embarassment.

Thank you to Ms. Cadiz for being so helpful. Thank you to the staff and youth volunteers of PRIDE (Pearl City Community youth group) who did such a wonderful job with childcare. Thank you to the school staff who helped with the workshop. And lastly, thank you to the parents who came to workshop. I hope your questions were answered and you feel better equipped.


I am very lucky!

How often do you say that? If you don't consider yourself lucky, take a look around. You will always have less than some people AND more than others. This month we celebrate Thanksgiving. Take time every day to be thankful for the food on your plate, the roof over your head, the clothes on your back, your health, and, most of all, your family. These are things that will not always be here, so we should enjoy them while we can...

Go hug your child!



And finally…..

(from Dr. Matsuoka's 10/16/00 weekly bulletin)

The emphasis on new schools being built across the nation is one centered around themes in order to build community. Waikele Elementary has really been before its time! As a planning team, we envisioned a school community nurtured by a sense of community. . .we have named our buildings to reflect this sense of community and caring. If we will all remember to call our buildings by their names (rather than cafeteria. . .it is Hale Hanai, the House of Nourishment, etc.); our children will be embued with this sense of personalization and caring.

"I've learned that successful living is like playing a violin...

it must be practiced daily."


(LIVE AND LEARN AND PASS IT ON, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)

The Waikele Parent Focus is a monthly publication of the Waikele Elementary School Parent-Community Networking Center. Submit articles to Janice Takano, PCNC Facilitator (677-6100 ext. 232) or visit the PCNC office in Hale Hanai (the main cafeteria building). Deadline for submitting is ten (10) days before the end of each month.